24 September 2009

The Long Arm of the Mossad

The Long Arm of the Mossad

As the buffoonish Chavez acolyte Manuel Zelaya camps out in the Brazilian embassy, the Wall Street Journal reports that "roving bands of his supporters [have] set up roadblocks around the capital, smashed windows, and engaged in sporadic battles with police and army troops." As theWall Street Journal Europe observed, the rigged elections in Iran and the subsequent murder of pro-democracy protesters produced little reaction in the European Union—it was "too early" for such a decision, according to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt—but Brussels swiftly applied economic sanctions on the new government in Honduras, while recently lifting diplomaticsanctions against the Cuban dictatorship. And now Zelaya, taking a page from fellow nutterKwame Ture's playbook, is accusing the Israelis (!) of poisoning him with radiation. The Miami Herald reports:
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