01 September 2009

Since John is too busy to post right now

Suki IV update: 3/4 of draft finished and sticking very close to outline. The only help I have been is in proofing and John catches most everything I find quicker than me. Danielle should be giving him feedback on the slow parts that I suck at fixing.

My opinion, the war with Iran story is really kicking ass and one of John's Special Forces Command Sergeant Major buddies at work said his dialogue between an IDF General, US Jag (Tag), the JAG's defense consultant father (John) and Suki, also consulting, read like reality. The advanced communications reads like it should for 20 - 25 years from now too.

The sex scenes are good, more mild than in the previous books, but nice and spicy for the healthy relationship that the couple has developed.

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