04 September 2009

Suki gets all Multi-Lingual on a Stripper

I have permission to post something I got to help with in Suki IV: Finally A Vacation. ISBN: 9780982468630

The scene is just after John and Suki have arrived at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, for their two week vacation. They are picking up a car from 'Cuda Mike, one of John's car restoration buddies, and Mike's girlfriend Honey.

John glances over at Suki and Honey, Suki looks uncomfortable.

“Suki, you really need to get off base and hang out with me and my friends. They get all the latest ‘candy,’ really generous foreigners. Can even get you some sets as a guest entertainer too!”
('Honey' informs Suki)

Suki is already put off by the girl’s skin tight mid-drift tank top, bright orange electrochromic short-shorts and 6” heel sandals with straps crisscrossing all the way to her knees. Visible tattoos everyplace. She is constantly touching Suki’s back and arms.

“Honey, no offense, but we are here on vacation and I already have plenty of work. I am not an entertainer, except in private for John of course and we don’t do any recreational drugs at all. We are here to spend a lot of time with each other on the shooting and archery ranges.”

“Come on Suki, just because we are with old guys doesn’t mean we have to be old women. I am sure if you tried some of the new stuff you would love it and my friends would love you. They are very generous, you could never imagine.”

“Thanks, I’ll tell my mom. I just love John, that’s enough for me and I don’t see him as old at all.”

“Suki, it will be a blast, not like biometrics nerdy stuff . . .”

“NO, NãO, NON, NEE, NEIN, NYE, NYET, LAA*, pick a fucking language and process it,” Suki says with a harsh loud whisper and Suki works her way back to the men. “Mike, can I look at the engine on this beautiful car?”

“Of course! John, want to help her with the hood?”

“Suki, you are familiar with those, just like dad’s Charger?”

Before John finishes she has the pins out of the front of the hood, careful not to rub the paint, and the latch released. “Oh my! This looks like one they had on display at the dealership I worked at in Charlottesville during college!”

“They had a medical school in Charlottesville back then?” Honey queries, still uncomfortably close to Suki.“Um, I was never in medical school. UVA is where I got my Bachelor’s in Mathematics. My PhD is in Robotics. Mike, this looks perfect!"

*All of those words mean no in different languages. No: English, Spanish, Italian (others); Não: Portuguese; Non: French; Nee: Afrikaans, Dutch; Nein: German; Nye: Belarusian; Nyet: Russian; Laa: Arabic.

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  3. Let me try this again, a bit more dispassionatly.

    Back in July of 2009, a jackass in a bar was bugging me to move all the way from where I was sitting, anjd I was sitting there to avoid him and his associates, over to where he was sitting. I have written about the incident before. I told him no several times, the last few adding "sorry, I only speak English. No." If I had it to do over again, I would have used the line that I wrote Suki using.