05 September 2009

Suki's new Shotgun

ISBN: 9780982468630

Followup to this, but from the draft of the book:

The couple is in the Mega Wal*Mart at Eglin Air Force Base, near Ft. Walton Beach, Florida in the early 2030s. We both know, you can't do this right now, just focus on the story. It is a 12 GA, that needs to be fixed in an edit.

“John, are these new Benelli’s as good as yours?”
“I can’t see how they can’t be. They have had an excellent reputation since forever.”
Suki asks to see the flat-black, left-handed Benelli semi-automatic with the latest four-inch chamber. John shows her how to hold it properly and comments that the barrel might be a little long for their purposes.
“Sir, we have every size barrel for those in stock and we can cut it back to the minimum length, if you wish.”
Suki, rather than John, replies, “Fourteen inch barrel, threaded for extensions and chokes, six inch barrel extension also threaded for chokes, full line of chokes, seven shell magazine extension and any recoil reducers that can be added please.”
John pays attention and does not detect her missing anything.
“Very well, Miss. Your identification and how are you paying?”
She gives the Gunsmith her Virginia driver’s license, contractor credentials, and Platinum card.
“Oh, one of you needs to have authorization to shop here, but you can pay for it, Miss.” After he verifies her age and returns her identification.
John laughs, “Some things don’t change. Forgot about that detail,” as he hands over his retiree identification card.
“Thank you Colonel Tagliaferro, be right back.”
The SPs monitor the security cameras as their charges shop and are waiting by the exit door as the couple emerges, helping them load the cargo area.
“Very nice scatter gun Doctor Suki, have you been shooting long?” One of the Sergeants asks.
“Nope, John is going to teach me while we are here, last time I shot one of these was never,” she giggles.
The female co-driver gives an astounded look, “Really? How did you know what to order? Sounds like a great home gun and great for the skeet range, even trap with a full choke, maybe a barrel extension.”
“Just from talking to John and some of my own research,” as she gives John a hug. John smiles as his girl makes him so proud again.
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