09 October 2009

Suki and John's Cavalcade of Porn cont.

John, thanks for puttin' my name first, just like you did on the elevator button in Suki I ;)

My picks and how they may or may not relate to the series. All of these clips are free, NONE are safe for work! (the book links are generally work safe)

Had something like this in my brain when John was trying to add details to one of the SCIF play scenes in Suki IV: Finally A Vacation (War With Iran). I think John used the description detail "kitchen porn" to describe John in a chair and Suki with a leg on the counter. Just sort of the idea, not the way the scene came out. The actual video has a guy who ends up playing with two women.

I just like this one (27:21). Those two are so sexy together! Such pretty scene, set and outfits.

When Nancy drugged and began dominating Suki in Suki III: Never Let Us End I was imagining something sort of like this (28:18) as far as the imagery goes, but the outfits are much different. Noth the anal part either, just the part about a hot girl lead around on all fours.

Sort of imagined Sunshine and Suki playing like this (47:53) in Suki's past, long before John came along and saved her.

I just like this seduction scene (44:10).

That's all for now!

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