07 October 2009

Suki in the News

Kittens' lucky escape as they are rescued from car set for the crusher

FOUR kittens were found in the boot of a car an hour before it was due to be crushed at a scrapyard.
The five-week-old moggies had survived a 300-mile trip from England before they were discovered by workers at Noble Auto Salvage in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
Staff were preparing a Vauxhall Vectra for the baler - a giant crushing machine - when the kittens were found.
Scrapyard secretary Peggy Noble, 41, said: "Our transporter went down to Chester and picked up the Vectra.
"It was two days later when the car was being depolluted for the baler that the kittens were found in the boot.
"They were very cute and miaowing. One wee one in particular was shaking and hungry but they seemed OK.
"We gave them a box, some milk, a big cuddle and a blanket to keep them warm."
Peggy added: "The car had been lying empty for some time in England and the back window was broken.
"So we think that perhaps a stray had gone in and had her kittens in the boot.
"Our driver has taken the car when the mother has gone away for something to eat."
Peggy rang the Scottish SPCA, who are looking after the cats at their rescue centre at Petterden, near Dundee.
The charity's Steven Gray said: "All four are fit and healthy and we'll find them new homes in a month's time.
"We've named them Sasha, Suki, Glen and Cole and they're really friendly."
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