01 November 2009

Interesting October Blog Traffic

Keyword                                                     City

suki crystal city                                    Dun Loring, VA
"glenn marcus" supreme court              Woodmere, NY
electrochromic polymere suki              Gainsville, FL
electrochromic polymeres suki            Gainsville, FL
electrochromic polymere                     Gainsville, FL
bdsm "the perfect trap"                       Ramat Gan, Israel
minihansworld anti-semite                   Boca Raton, FL
"perfect trap" "liquid motion"             Los Angeles, CA
bullet proof nanotubes                         Tarrytown, NY
"perfect trap 2" video                          Bremen, IN
"the perfect trap 2" download             Brno, Czech Republic
atlanta suki bdsm                                 Albany, NY
benelli vinci for sale in az                     Scottsdale, AZ
cammomusic.org                                   Tucson, AZ
suki's kitchen bondage                          Federal Way, WA
ramalla sexy woman                             Ramalla, Palestinian Territory
sex cartoon                                           Puchon, South Korea
suki alien                                              London, England
suki blog libertarian                              Bel Air, CA
suki books                                            Westlake, CA
suki books                                            Portland, OR
suki craigslist                                        New York, NY
suki doing sex                                       Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
suki iranian                                           Lynchburg, VA
suki project                                          Washington, DC
suki stripper                                        Boynton Beach, FL
sukiproject                                           Bel Air, CA
sukiproject                                           Alameda, CA
sukiprojectsite                                     Seattle, WA

Not all inclusive.
More to come.

Top content

/ (home)

Update 10 DEC 09:  I left out the hits from AtSiteRes.com when I first posted this.

Traffic from AtSite  Real Estate, month of October (possibly 2 different users):
http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/2009/08/new-suki-project-website.html (5 hits, my page is still there)
http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html (2 hits)

Other odd searches from the beginning of tracking, 27 SEP 09

Comcast user in Alexandria, VA
OS: Windows
Browser: IE
Screen Colors: 16 bit
Screen Resolution: 1280x800
Flash version: 10.0 r22
Java support: Yes

Keyword Search                             Date
(proper names reduced to initials,
letters replaced with question marks)
"a??? l?? n??"                                 27 SEP 09 (2 hits)               
"a??? l?? n??"                                 28 SEP 09
"a??? l?? n??"                                 30 SEP 09
"a??? l?? n??"                                 02 OCT 09
(Searches on that name stopped on 2 OCT 09 when I posted that name and said that was the only way it would appear here.  Was viewed only by an Albuquerque user as the top entry on the root page.  Firefox, Mac, Cable speed connection on Comcast and then deleted by me on 3 OCT.)
"imchi arabic word"                        11 OCT 09
"imchi arabic word"                        14 OCT 09
"imchi arabic word"                        20 OCT 09

Other Keyword Searches              Source
suki project                                   AtSite Real Estate (5 hits)

See 2 DEC 09 and 15 DEC 09 posts.

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