25 December 2009

Merry Christmas! Did you get a Kindle?

Merry Christmas World!

Did you get a Kindle?  If you did why don't you browse some of the books I helped John with :)

Didn't get a Kindle? Get the reader for your PC, iPhone or iPod Touch and browse with that! The Google Books preview links are at the bottom of this post too.

Suki I, the story of how Suki found John and they became an item.  This one is mainly about Suki, her mother and friends, who all help Suki land the man of her dreams.

Set in Arlington, Virginia in the early 2030's (May of a year not revealed) with the most interesting gadgets, communication and toys the near future might bring.  As John says, "No stupid flying cars in my books!  Just realistic cool toys."

Most recreational drugs are legal and smoking in bars is legal in VA too.  They are Libertarians living in a county that is slowly catching up to their political tastes.  Washington, DC is right across the river and even more of a mess than earlier in the century.

Their friends don't know anybody else who wants a marriage without a marriage license, nor anybody else seeking a truly monogamous relationship, other than Suki and John.

Oh, the fashions!  Electrochromic polymer dresses and boots, lovely silks, leather and shoes, shoes, shoes!  Boots too.  Amazing varieties of gourmet food are plentyful.  Lab grown Kobe beef, genetically modified tomatoes, almost anything you can think of today is available in their world.  Muscle cars and trucks for the guys to read about, plus the great sex life Suki and John have for everybody to enjoy.

Suki II: Sunshine Returns, Suki's troubled past comes back to haunt them both.  It begins where Suki I ended, in June of the same year, and ends in December, with a delay in John's birthday because of a crisis.  Suki thinks her past may destroy the relationship!  Bonus, Samantha meets John's son Tag!  Much more about Tag and Samantha is told and more of Suki's history is revealed.  Sunshine drugs and attacks Suki, but John saves her in a unique way.

Ever wonder what a shotgun lesbian wedding would be like in a future where marriage and divorce can be filed electronically?  A peek into that world is revealed in Suki II.  Autonomous cargo planes, greatly expanded communications networks, automated home cleaning, a beautiful limo and more exquisite leather fashions for private as well as public wear.

Government healthcare?  Not for them.  They have private-practice doctors and all of their records are on pulp, rather than on K-Net.

Suki III: Never Let Us End, an ex-girlfriend of John's, Nancy, creates terrible problems for the couple and John is hospitalized for a week.

It begins in December, during John's birthday party, and ends in January, picking up where Suki II ended.

Nancy forces Suki to hypnotize John and makes Suki do awful things under the influence of a powerful mediction.  Suki has to defend John from three attackers!  Suki, her mother, Jung, along with their doctors bring John back to health, in a private hospital.  Suki becomes closer friends with John's best friend, Jackie, and they prepare for their first vacation in years.

The 1960 Polara custom limo plays a starring role.  More of John's past is revealed.  More interesting gadgets too, for inside and outside the bedroom.  One of my favorite parts, Suki has a full length baby seal fur coat (lab grown clone fur).

Suki IV: Finally a Vacation (War With Iran), the couple finally gets a vacation and chooses a safe place, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.  It begins where Suki III ends, in January and continues through Valentine's Day.  Just when they think they can relax, the government needs them to help as consultants to defeat Iran in the surprise attack lead by Israel.  Tag is already in Iran as a liaison to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Suki buys her first shotgun and John teaches her how to shoot Trap and Skeet.

Ever wonder what you would do if you were locked in a Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF), 12 hours per day, with the love of your life?  Take a peek in Suki IV.

Suki V: The Collection, is all four of the books listed above edited into one.  Slightly cheaper than getting all four separately too!  John does note where each of the origional books begins, but it is edited to flow like one novel, with redundant passages edited.

Suki V: The Collection is now available in paperback.  Holiday discount code for $10 off the paperback edition is  GHXYSXR5, only from CreateSpace.com.  Sorry, still $1 more than the Kindle edition.  This discount expires at the end of 2009.

Also on Kindle, Sarah wrote a fan fiction story off of the series: John and Suki: Vacation Fun.  The couple is kidnapped in Florida by a brutal pair who want to sell the knowledge John and Suki have to the Iranians, Russians and Venezuelans.  The couple's minds are not the only thing they are interested in.  John and Suki are both trained to obey without question or hesitation.  Suki is trained to kill with a unique weapon!

Li'l ol' me wrote a story following on Sarah's story, Suki: Settling the Score.  After being rescued, John and Suki are finally released from their month-long US government debriefing, but they still have problems.  Severe behavior problems, continuing to act as they were trained by Mike and Honey, their kidnappers in Sarah's story.  They need help, but Suki is slow to agree to it until John exercises his full dominance over her, after they have both done things that would normally end their relationship.

The baby seal fur coat reappears in a totally different setting than one would expect.  Plus some interesting disguise techniques, like contacts with view screens and data, natural skin feel masks, body makeup and instantaneous hair changing products.

Also, John and Suki finally agree to get pets, a black kitten and a grey kitten, one for each home: Dark Helmet and Smoke.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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