13 December 2009

Suki - Settling The Score is done!

Just got finished touching up my first try at fiction, after John and Sarah went over it again.  Took most of their suggestions, only had to do a li'l pointin' out where I handled stuff they missed.

Not sure why writing about the character John being with another woman was so difficult.  It wasn't difficult to write the Suki character doing it ;)  Once I figured out the logic it worked okay.  It happens before they get deprogrammed from what happened in Sarah's book.

In my story John and Suki get kittens too.  A black one for the apartment that she names Dark Helmet.  John suggested the name.  I was surprised that I didn't think of it.  The gray cat at the condo is Smoke.  There is a story behind that too and I won't repeat it here.

Need to find some cover art.  John made some sketches that were really good, just not what I am thinking.  Searching for coiled bull whips.  That's the only thing holding up the upload.

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