19 December 2009

This really is crap from the New York Times on "The Muslim Community" (long)

Following up on this.

According to the New York Times: Muslims Say F.B.I. Tactics Sow Anger and Fear

Nice title.  They would like us to think that every Muslim is afraid of the FBI because they just bother random people of that religion.  As Penn & Teller say, bullshit.  Any stories about Catholics being afraid of the FBI because so many MAFIA Italians and Irish are Catholic?  Haven't seen any and you can post them below if you like.  There is no doubt that the FBI and other agencies infiltrate places where those people congregate too.

The anxiety and anger have been building all year. In March, a national coalition of Islamic organizations warned that it would cease cooperating with the F.B.I. unless the agency stopped infiltrating mosques and using “agents provocateurs to trap unsuspecting Muslim youth.”

That organization refused to reveal it's ties with Hamas.  They are a front organization for Hamas.  The "agents provocateurs" are trapping "unsuspecting Muslim youth" with the simple tactic of pretending to be friends with them and pretending to be suppliers or terrorist weapons to them, then busting them for what they wanted to do anyway.

In September, a cleric in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, sued the government, claiming that the F.B.I. had threatened to scuttle his application for a green card unless he agreed to spy on relatives overseas — echoing similar claims made in recent court cases in California, Florida and Massachusetts.
And last month, after an imam in Queens was charged with aiding what the authorities called a bomb-making plot, a group of South Asian Muslims there began compiling a database of complaints about their brushes with counterterrorism investigators.

Valid complaint or tactic similar to al Qaeda making up lies after release?  I will go with the latter.

But those relations have reached a low point in recent months, many Muslim leaders say. Several high-profile cases in which informers have infiltrated mosques and helped promote plots, they say, have sown a corrosive fear among their people that F.B.I. informers are everywhere, listening.

The informers were not reporting on the boys talking about their favorite lamb recipes.  They were informing on plots to make car bombs and other dangerous schemes.

Mr. Bresson said that no group is spotlighted because of its members’ religion or ethnicity. “The F.B.I. investigates people, not places, and only when we have information or allegations that persons are or may be committing crimes or posing a risk to national security,” he said.

How did a reasonable statement get in there?

After four members of a mosque in Newburgh, N.Y., were charged in May with plotting to bomb two Bronx synagogues, the authorities acknowledged that the investigation had begun with an informer who became a linchpin in the scheme. Congregation members said he had frequented the mosque, offering young men money and gifts.

No problem there.  Go FBI!

The Queens imam arrested in September as investigators pursued the coffee vendor was an informer who had helped authorities. Last month, federal prosecutors moved to seize several buildings across the country that house mosques, saying they were owned by a nonprofit group with links to Iran. As a rare federal investigation that has ensnared houses of worship, the case stoked apprehensions that the government sees Arab-Americans and Muslims as a people apart.

How is this evidence of the FBI attacking Islam?  Apparently the reporters think that putting a cross on top of a crack house should make it immune too.  I am for legalization, even of cocaine, but that is not the point.

But by most accounts, the unraveling of ties between the F.B.I. and Muslim-Americans began two years ago, with the F.B.I.’s decision to stop sharing information with the nation’s most prominent Muslim civil rights organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The F.B.I. said it was motivated by council executives’ failure to answer questions about links with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The executives denied any such connection, and accused the F.B.I. of staining the council’s reputation without due process.

They have more than just "ties" to Hamas, they are a propaganda arm for that terrorist organization.

In June, the American Civil Liberties Union made a similar complaint about Justice Department decisions to shut down six Muslim charities without filing charges. The moves, which froze billions of dollars in assets, have instilled among Muslims “a pervasive fear that they may be arrested, prosecuted, targeted for law enforcement interviews” if they give to any Islamic charity, the A.C.L.U. said.

If so many of them were not fund raisers for terrorists this would not be a problem.  It wasn't okay to donate to the Irish Republican Army either.  People were not being harassed about that because they were Irish.  They were being investigated for supporting a terrorist organization.  Same with this.  More of the same in the two pages of whine.

If this topic were about used car dealers the writers would want us to believe that no cars would be stolen if the police stopped harassing chop shop operators.  Headline: Used Car Dealers in Fear of Local Sheriff  with stories of plain clothes officers checking vehicle identification numbers at car lots of car models reported stolen.  To the shock of the car sales community, two dealers have over half of the stolen cars in the state on their lots.

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