19 January 2011

Backpack Incendiary Bomb Found on MLK Day Parade Route

Backpack Bomb Found on MLK Day Parade Route:
"An incendiary device found along the route of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Wash., was 'likely capable of inflicting multiple casualties,' the FBI said today."
ABC radio (and we know who else works for ABC) mentioned that the FBI is not ruling out racism as a motive.  Good to know!  Something else we all know, the media loves "dog whistles" and "racism" is a biggie, so of course they ran with that one.  ABC aired the audio of someone saying "the Pacific Northwest has a long history of White supremacists."  Apparently some escaped from the South and went there. Otherwise, they are nowhere unless the press needs them to color a story.

ABC did not quote anybody, not even the reporter, for any other possibility.  I have a few suggestions:
Muslim terrorists (just because the bomb was not supplied by the FBI does not rule them out, some use rifles)
Black militants/supremacists (yes, they exist and do not have to be Muslim)
White Liberals (yes, they are twisted and violent)
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