28 January 2011

The Food Nazis Dust Off the Old "Obesity is a National Security Threat" Scare Again

Really, nothing to see here.  Go have a steak or a pizza.

Today that whole 'we are going to tell you what to eat is not Socialism, it is national security' load of crapola is blowing around DC again.

Not like there are not any real national security issues happening right now, like, oh, maybe the way this administration treats terrorists like underprivileged juvenile delinquents.

The First Lady is on her monthly obesity jihad again and the MSM is acting like they just heard of it.  Today, 28 January 2011:
Posted at 9:35 AM ET, 01/28/2011 Michelle Obama: 'I'll be right there' on 2012 campaign trail By Nia-Malika Henderson
Touring Fort Jackson on Thursday, the first lady praised efforts to offer better, more nutritious foods in the mess hall. She called childhood obesity a "national security issue."
A possible government solution.
Hark! Where have I heard this before?  It is being reported as if it were new.  Let's see if my Google prowess can find a few more examples . . .
Last month, 13 DEC 2010:
The First Lady claimed that one in four young Americans are unqualified to serve in the armed forces because they are too fat.

‘Childhood obesity isn’t just a public health issue, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well,’ she said.

The Nazis were into fitness for the masses too.
8 FEB 2010, not a quote from her, it is the Atlanta Journal Constitution with a premonition:
When first lady Michelle Obama launches her campaign to reduce child obesity today, many Americans will be cheering her on — including parents, teachers, doctors, business leaders ... and retired generals and admirals such as me. Generals and admirals? 
30 APR 2010: Another Washington Post piece from a couple of leftwing ex-Generals that just happens to write the script for the First Lady -
While other significant factors can keep our youth from joining the military -- such as lacking a high school diploma or having a serious criminal record -- being overweight or obese has become the leading medical reason recruits are rejected for military service. Since 1995, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physical exams because of weight issues has increased nearly 70 percent, according to data reported by the Division of Preventive Medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
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