05 January 2011

Great Article at CATO: Congress Rediscovers the Constitution

Congress Rediscovers the Constitution | Cato @ Liberty: Roger Pilon

"If the new Congress to be sworn in on Wednesday is the Tea Party’s cardinal achievement so far, its most symbolic achievement will unfold the next day, when the first order of business in the House will be a reading, aloud, of the Constitution – by all accounts, for the first time in the nation’s history. I discuss this issue more fully in this morning’s Wall Street Journal."
I recommend clicking through both links.
Just like the German National Socialist Worker's Party of old, the current crop of national socialists hate our Constitution.  They want to keep it bound and gagged, like Wonder Woman above and dare to call those who dare to read it on the floor of the House of Representatives 'fetishists'.  The very people who wish to pick and choose the bits of the Constitution that they like, for example, the First Amendment means what it says, but they say the Second Amendment means something completely different (it does not mention hunting) are now in full rant accusing those of us who want the whole Constitution obeyed of doing what they do.  Here, from the fetishists link above:
The problem with the Tea Party's new Constitution fetish is that it's hopelessly selective. As Robert Parry notes, the folks who will be reading the Constitution aloud this week can't read the parts permitting slavery or prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment using only their inside voices, while shouting their support for the 10th Amendment.
Seen any slave fetishists at a Star Wars convention?
These people are really off their rockers.  If you read the whole thing, you read the parts abolishing slavery and indentured servitude.  Back to something I mentioned above, you also get to read, say and hear all of the "shall not be infringed" passages.  Frankly, the only people I ever meet who rant about bringing back slavery are leftists shouting it at invisible daemons.  Sounds like another of their fetishes.

As soon as I get the video for the Constitution reading on the floor of the House of Representatives, it will  be posted to this blog.
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