25 January 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Refuses Oral

Followup to this, the never ending story of Rahm Emanuel and his Chicago election prospects.

No oral, old briefs.  Chicago to stop printing ballots until case is decided.

Rahm Emanuel
Supreme Court will hear appeal of ruling knocking Emanuel off ballot via Chicago Sun-Times
The Illinois Supreme Court Tuesday agreed to hear the appeal of a court decision that knocked Rahm Emanuel out of the mayoral race.

Earlier Tuesday, the Supreme Court ordered the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to put Emanuel’s name back on the mayoral ballot while it considered Emanuel’s appeal of Monday’s Illinois Appellate Court ruling that Emanuel did not meet the one-year residency requirement to run for mayor of Chicago.
“This Court is taking the case on the briefs filed by the parties in the appellate court,’’ the Supreme Court’s order reads. “No additional briefs will be filed in the Supreme Court. Oral argument will not be entertained.
Christina Filiggi of WLS-AM 890
The Roe and Roeper Show, Christina Filiggi of WLS-AM 890, Chicago, reported that Emanuel has vowed to take this to the United States Supreme Court, in his real residence of Washington, DC.

The Appeal Order and Supreme Court Emergency Motion
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