10 January 2011

Jared Lee Loughner: Where Romantic Myths of the Left Wither in light of Facts

Jared Lee Loughner: Where Romantic Myths of the Left Wither in light of Facts
Before any of the victims of Jared Lee Loughner's shooting rampage were diagnosed and stabilized, the knee-jerk American Left was spinning stories from myths.  Here are just a few that appeared on Twitter right away, with sources from all over.
Myths: Other than Tea Party nuts, Military Veterans are the only people in our society crazy enough to shoot people in the streets, so he must be a Veteran or Tea Party or both:
 Tammy Bruce 
 by JohnTagliaferro
Disgusting, now State Sen Lopez brings up & essentially blames Tea Party while giving an update on Giffords condition, unbelievable.
Sen. Lopez also began the rumor that Loughner was an Afghanistan war veteran.
Facts: Loughner was rejected by the Army, never served one day in the military, and was not associated with any Tea Party group anywhere.  The Tea Party is not big on flag burning, like Loughner.
Myth: The Left does not engage in conspiracies, only the Right does.
 Natalie Duval 
 by JohnTagliaferro
Direct link to Politico story.

Myth: Only Right Wingers are violent, this nut must be a right-winger.
Truth: Lee Harvey Oswald, James Jay Lee

Myth: The Government says he is in a radical group, so he must be.
Fact: The current Homeland Security Leftist echo chamber floated a memo that Loughner was associated with "The American Renaissance".  The group begs to differ.

Myth: Sarah Palin had candidate Giffords in the scope of a rifle and called for her assasination.
Fact: Here is the map with surveyor's crosses on congressional districts that her fellow Republicans could win.  No rifle scope images, nothing like that.
More myth: Peace and tranquility loving Democrats would never do that.
Another fact:

 Jo Anne moretti 
 by JohnTagliaferro
Palin is a politician. Dems had target map too.

Myth: Only Sarah Palin said anything to incite violence against Rep. Giffords
Fact: Kos, advocated it, because Giffords is not Leftist enough for him and his followers

 Traci Thompson 
 by JohnTagliaferro
Jared Lee Loughner described Liberal & Daily Kos "Targeted" Gabrielle Giffords >  < >  <

Too bad Kos purged that one. Here is a screen capture of how it appeared on 6 JAN 11:
More Leftist Palin Derangement Syndrome here.

Obama advocated bringing guns to knife fights quite some time ago.  More examples here.  Bill Maher wants his Black Presidents to have a pistol in their belt, under their t-shirt.

Myth: Loughner was motovated by Palin.
Fact: Palin was not "on the scene" as they say in 2007, when Loughner began planning this attack.

Myth straight from his popular tweet:

 Matt Binder 
The reason why Jared Lee Loughner is not being labeled a terrorist: Do you know any Muslims named Jared?

Fact: Only a deranged Leftist would think that the term "terrorist" applies exclusively to Muslims.  Plenty of us are calling this shooter a terrorist:

 Leon Scott 
 by JohnTagliaferro
Terrorism - (n) the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes. Jared Lee Loughner = Terrorist

Myth: Jared Lee Loughner targeted a Leftist because he is Far Right

 M.C. CoffinRide 
Are they seriously trying to call Jared Lee Loughner a "leftist"? He fucking killed a "LEFTIST". That kind of makes him FAAAR RIGHT dont it?

Facts: Just because Giffords is a Jewish convert and a Democrat does not make her a Manhattan-style Liberal-Leftist.  She is a 2nd Amendment and Concealed Carry advocate.  She wants the border with Mexico secured.  She is a former Republican and a proud Blue Dog Democrat.  She has more in common with Rep. Heath Shuler than with Sen. Barney Frank.

Also on the list of Leftist rantings around the internet, but not worthy of much comment:
A nut like him got a gun, so we need to ban guns. Ha! Nice try.

A discussion on the radio this AM noted that the type of magazine he used was banned under one of the Clinton-era gun grab acts.  Some of us call them "normal capacity" magazines, but the industry term is "extended capacity".  That ban resulted in a new market for smaller guns that are easier to conceal, also known as "Clinton Specials."

The anti-concealed carry crowd keeps "warning" us that when laws like the Arizona concealed carry policy are enacted the streets will become "old west shooting galleries."  In spite of early reports that other people returned fire on Jared Lee Loughner, those accounts seem to have evaporated.  In Arizona, if one is 'allowed' to own a handgun, they are 'allowed' to carry it concealed most anyplace besides a doctor's office.  Laughner appears to have been the only one with a gun, in this case.

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