21 January 2011

Joan Rivers has lost a Lifelong Fan: "Palin is a Nazi"

Joan Rivers
Joan, maybe Johnny Carson had the right idea about you. First, I heard about the current incident on the Rush Limbaugh show.  I was unaware of your crazy tweets like this one:
@Joan_Rivers tweeted, “I was cancelled from Fox for saying Palin is ’stupid and a threat.’

I am a bit lost on how stupid people can be much of a threat to anybody.  However, when I have those thoughts Paul Krugman comes to the front of my mind.

The real story, that Joan may have missed, or not:
According to TheWrap, Rivers wasn’t canceled for criticizing Palin. In fact, “Fox and Friends” is trying to reschedule Rivers for an upcoming episode.

“Due to the volume of news topics tomorrow morning and a full show, our booker mistakenly canceled Joan’s appearance instead of re-scheduling her for Friday’s show,” Lauren Petterson, executive producer for “Fox and Friends,” told TheWrap in a statement. “We’re in the process of booking her on an upcoming show.”
However, Joan needed to make it all about Palin.  No other possibility could be possible

So, here is Rush Limbaugh's take:

And here is Ms. Rivers in her own words:

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