21 January 2011

MUD LIBEL or Why is the Left Terrified of Sarah?

Ann Coulter
AnnCoulter.com - : MUD LIBEL:
by Ann Coulter
January 19, 2011

The same people who had blamed Sarah Palin for the massacre at the Tucson Safeway and then taunted her for her 'silence' were enraged when she responded.
Sarah Palin
Last Tuesday, the night before Palin responded, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann mocked Palin's silence throughout his show:
-- 'And why is the ever self-promoting Miss Palin so quiet?'
-- 'And it's quiet, isn't it?'
-- 'It's too quiet.'
-- 'The silence is deafening from the great Northwest.'
It was deemed an admission of guilt that she hadn't spoken about the Tucson shooting or denied the accusations that she had inspired the shooter.
The next day, Palin posted a video response, and Keith immediately attacked her for 'the worst timed political statement ever.' It's almost as if liberals would attack Palin whatever she did."
Read the rest. Ann rocks on this one.
More people will see Keith Olbermann on this blog than see him on his show. Maybe that is more literal than I intended.

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