23 January 2011

So, who will replace Keith Olbermann?

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In an interesting, predictable and odd series of statements, the kids at Kos find Olbermann's departure to be some sort of constitutional violation.
"Forgive my editorializing, but in its own way, this follows on the heels fo Citizens UNited as one of the worst developments of the last 12 months - NOW we have a truly conservative corporation controlling muzzling the voices on what used to be free speech in the USA."

Note to readers: The Daily Kos website is famous for deleting and editing posts that are embarrassing to them,so don't be surprised if what I copied and pasted up there is different when you click on the Kos story link.

Keith's new gig?
Since when was GE or MSNBC "conservative"?  They went full-tilt EcoNazi, rent seeking tool of National Socialists as soon as they figured out they could get TARP finds from the Obama bunch.  They run the aptly nicknamed 'MSDNC' that broadcasts nothing but Leftist tripe.  Comcast does not own NBC yet, their purchase of the firm was approved but the deal is not done yet.  If dagnome's diary is to be believed, he has all sorts of crazy theories going on.

So, how does this relate to the Citizens United case in the slightest? It doesn't. One has to wonder if the folks who bang keyboards at Kos know the slightest thing about the topics they chose.  No corporation "muzzled" Olbermann, his show was taken away from him.  He is free to speak all he wants without the fear of harm from any corporation he no longer works for.  He might lose some money if he blabs or works for a competitor while MSNBC is still paying him, depending on the contract terms that he agreed to.

A Taiwanese animation crew weighed in on the possibilities of the Comcast takeover:

Glenn Beck predicted Olbermann's departure in November, 2010. Olbermann countered it, saying Beck did not know what he was talking about.  In this case, Olbermann may be technically right and Comcast did not fire him.  It looks like Beck was right and Olbermann is as wrong about how long he would be welcome at MSNBC.  As wrong he is about everything else. Interesting video from Olbermann's show and Olbermann picked the Beck clips to use:

So, who to replace Olbermann on a regular basis?  Here is one suggestion:
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is the only political talker out there who could hope to draw the audience sizes and demographics of O'Reilly and Beck.

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