31 January 2011

Stop Blaming PEPCO You Tree Hugging Loons

After the bit of snow and ice the Washington, DC Beltway got last week, there are still 400 customers in Maryland without power and the radio talkers are blaming the power company, PEPCO.

PEPCO did not push for restrictions on tree trimming in the still affected areas, Marylanders did.  The still affected areas are out of power due to downed trees and limbs that should have been removed long before the weight of ice removed them.  If you want to complain, go complain in the mirror.

Sheryl Crow only uses one square of toilet paper per bathroom trip, because she loves the trees.  She loves her Confederate Flag pants too! (see at 0:30)

She has since rolled back her toilet paper comment, with the help of ABC News.

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