10 January 2011

This is supposed to be Tea Party Evidence?

Related 1/15/2011James Fuller's death threats create an atmosphere of fear.

Look at all those flags not burning!
Come on Guardian, you can do better than this. Maybe you can't.
Jared Lee Loughner: erratic, disturbed and prone to rightwing rants | World news | The Guardian:
"The tone of Loughner's rantings is almost exclusively conservative and anti-government, with echoes of the populist campaigning of the Tea Party movement. 'Don't trust the government listener!' he said in one video, accusing Washington of mind control and brainwashing."
Nothing this nut put out online has anything to do with Tea Party anything. Maybe that is why the Guardian uses their clever by half wording "with echoes of." Translation: He did not say anything supporting the Tea Party but the writer wishes he did.

They even mention his flag burning video (embedded below), mentioned in a couple of John's posts on this blog too. Funny, I don't remember flag burning being a big part of the Tea Party movement. Actually, I quite distinctly remember every single person I have met from that movement abhorring it!

They mention his desire for a new US currency too.  He wants marijuana to be the new currency, not gold or silver!

Everything else the Guardian mentions goes right along with Anarchists who throw things through store and bank windows.

The Euroleft is getting in step with our Left for a campaign of lies.

Sadly, the Left-leaning Mother Jones has some of the best information out there.  This nut actually asked this question in a public forum, 'What is government if words have no meaning?' and he expected an answer.  It sounds like a question from a stupid creative writing class.

This guy is as "Tea Party" as the Times Square Bomber, so maybe Bloomberg can give us some of his brilliance on this tragic event.
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