19 January 2011

Video - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing Health Care Is "Unconstitutional" Does her stupidity have no end?

The video is at the link. It did not let me grab the embed code.
RealClearPolitics - Video - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing Health Care Is "Unconstitutional":
"'Can you tell me what’s more unconstitutional than taking away from the people of America their Fifth Amendment rights, their Fourteenth Amendment rights, and the right to equal protection under the law?' Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said on House floor today."
How crazy is this woman? Pretty darn crazy. Is she really from Texas? I do not want to be saddened by that answer.

Repealing this political rape of the American people "takes away" what exactly? For one, it "takes away" a requirement that people purchase something they might not want to purchase. Repeal also brings back choice in who I want my insurance from (if I even want it), since the government will no longer be running all but the largest insurance companies out of business.
Equal protection does not mean that I have to surrender my F250 and drive some little tiny electric roller skate. It darn sure does not mean that I have to buy something that the government picks for me!

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