21 January 2011

What part of Alabama is Dubai in Again?

Sorry, this is not the kind of slaves they have in Dubai.
Overheard on The Rush Limbaugh Show:
The dark side of Dubai
If you get all of your information from American and European Liberals, you would think that the USA invented slavery and still practices it today, in spite of Honest Abe abolishing it with the stroke of a pen with the Emancipation Proclamation.  Oh, there was that Civil War nastiness too, with every Confederate Soldier using his slaves as human shields as they marched into quick defeat.

Yes, all of that nonsense you can hear from Leftists all across the Caucasian world.  Every bit if it is false, of course.  What is true is that the Caucasians of Western Civilization ended slavery in their piece of the world and it is the only portion of the world where slavery remains eradicated.  I believe it started with a little group of British guys in the 1600s or 1700s, spread to the British Crown who abolished slavery in the British Isles and gave orders to their Navy to interdict slave trading ships on the high seas, with no economic benefit to the Crown at all.

We Americans followed suit, eventually.  If one could say anything nice about Mussolini it would be that he was the person responsible for ending slavery, for a time, in Ethiopia.  Albeit with the use of chemical weapons.  Seems nobody else paid attention and they still engage in open, legal, condoned human slavery and indentured servitude.

As Rush points out, this story is not "in the news" even though the story I link to is almost 2 years old.  Apparently, another blog picked it up this week too and if I could remember what Rush said, I would be linking to it.  I think it has Hill in the title.

The dark side of Dubai

Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging. Johann Hari reports

Sahinal Monir, a slim 24-year-old from the deltas of Bangladesh. "To get you here, they tell you Dubai is heaven. Then you get here and realise it is hell," he says. Four years ago, an employment agent arrived in Sahinal's village in Southern Bangladesh. He told the men of the village that there was a place where they could earn 40,000 takka a month (£400) just for working nine-to-five on construction projects. It was a place where they would be given great accommodation, great food, and treated well. All they had to do was pay an up-front fee of 220,000 takka (£2,300) for the work visa – a fee they'd pay off in the first six months, easy. So Sahinal sold his family land, and took out a loan from the local lender, to head to this paradise.

As soon as he arrived at Dubai airport, his passport was taken from him by his construction company. He has not seen it since. He was told brusquely that from now on he would be working 14-hour days in the desert heat – where western tourists are advised not to stay outside for even five minutes in summer, when it hits 55 degrees – for 500 dirhams a month (£90), less than a quarter of the wage he was promised. If you don't like it, the company told him, go home. "But how can I go home? You have my passport, and I have no money for the ticket," he said. "Well, then you'd better get to work," they replied.

Sahinal was in a panic. His family back home – his son, daughter, wife and parents – were waiting for money, excited that their boy had finally made it. But he was going to have to work for more than two years just to pay for the cost of getting here – and all to earn less than he did in Bangladesh.
Check with these guys for directions to the slave market.

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