10 February 2011

My Cucci is making me feel so good right now!

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli
I am not longer a Virginia resident, so he is my Cucci from afar.

Virginia Attorney General Asks Supreme Court to Expedite Hearing on Health Care Law - FoxNews.com:
"Arguing that a definitive legal ruling on the constitutionality of President Obama's health-care law must come without further delay, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a petition Wednesday asking the Supreme Court to immediately consider the issue and not wait for the judgment of a lower appellate court.

Cuccinelli's 23-page filing says there's a 'palpable consensus' in the country that Supreme Court will ultimately be asked to decide the question and that the nation is better served if the justices take the case now.

'The presence of pure issues of constitutional law on the merits ensures that normal appellate practice will not further focus the controlling issues, which, in any event, are bottomed on decisions of this Court,' wrote Cuccinelli and Virginia Solicitor General Duncan Getchell."
No unconstitutional socialized medicine.

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I command free healthcare for all!

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