21 February 2011

The Racist Royal Wedding

They are afraid of real people of color.
From the What-if Whoopi Goldberg wrote serious news articles department:

David and Victoria Beckham make royal wedding guest list | Celebrity gossip | Marie Claire:
"Insiders have revealed other celebrity guests could include TV presenter Ben Fogle and wife Marina, Elton John and Joanna Lumley, confirming The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and President Obama are definitely not on the list."

Emphasis mine!

Whitie like wearing white.
Here we go again with the rich white honkey slave trading plantation owners showing their true racist colors. The little royal tart Katie and her gigolo pimp Willie are not even inviting the Obamas to their little party for human traffickers of misery!

Who made the list? David Beckham, who refused to marry a woman of color!  American supported kings of countries that continue the American born tradition of slave trade, like the UAE!

Before you start going all gaga about Elton John and his fellow self-hating-homo David getting invites, remember he was the gay jester for Rush Limbaugh at his tenth wedding!

Peace and love,
What-if-I-were Whoopie

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  1. Why are you insulting Kate and William? They can invite whom they like and they did. Naturally the royal household is insular and not particularly embracing diversity, what did you expect? If you want to be heard and your opinion taken seriously please do not resort to ignorant rants. It only serves to embarrass black people.

  2. Einstein, I was insulting Whoopie. "From the What-if Whoopi Goldberg wrote serious news articles department:" is almost the first words in the whole thing!