12 February 2011

Remember President Obama (باراك هوسَين اوباما) and his 57 States mistake? The OIC Connection

57 Star Flag Pin
If you do not remember, here is then Senator of the Illinois Delegation, Barack Hussein Obama (باراك هوسَين اوباما), on the campaign trail for president:

That was not the end of the 57 States count. He used the same number later with the press.  Snopes covered this in their usual suck-up-to-the-Left manner with some interesting numerical gymnastics and concluding that Senator Obama (D-IL) intended to say 47 States.

Snopes dismisses what follows too:
The  Organisation of The Islamic Conference has 57 member states, which Snopes uses some mathematical gymnastics to claim the OIC has 60 states if you include observers, while noting that they have 57 member states.  Apparently, someone from Snopes does the math for the OIC's webmaster, since the link to their main page tells Google that they have 56 member states:

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Association of 56 Islamic states promoting Muslim solidarity in economic, social, and political affairs. [Arabic, English, French]
www.oic-oci.org/ - Similar
Interesting that the cursory Google search throws people in a hurry off the trail in a hurry.

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