19 February 2011

Remnant of the Carter Administration - National Christmas Tree blown over

Post Now - National Christmas Tree blown over:
"'At about 10:55 a.m. – with sustained winds of 25 miles per hour and 50 miles per hour sustained gusts that were highly unusual for Washington, D.C., the National Christmas Tree was toppled,'' Line reported. 'There are no injuries. No one was hurt.'

Line said the tree was a Colorado blue spruce from York, Pennsylvania, that was planted on the Ellipse in 1978. It was 46 years old and almost 42 feet tall at the time it was felled. It was scheduled to be mulched later in the afternoon on Saturday."

From Wikipedia, which matches my memory of yet another stupid Jimmy Carter stunt:

Jimmy Carter's not-lighting-the-tree stunt.
In 1979, the National Christmas Tree was only partially lit. When President Jimmy Carter sent his daughter Amy to light the tree on December 13, the switch lit only the top star on the big tree and only tiny blue lights illuminated the state trees on the Pathway of Peace. The President announced that the National Christmas Tree, a nationwide symbol, would remain dark until the American hostages in Iran were set free. General Electric had designed a scheme of multiple lighting and visual effects and an all white tree to coordinate with the theme of "Joy and Light," celebrating the 100th anniversary of Thomas Edison's invention of the practical incandescent lamp. However, the tree remained unlit. In 1980, President Carter lit the National Christmas Tree for only 417 seconds, each second symbolizing one day of captivity of the Americans hostages in Iran. When the hostages were eventually released on January 20, 1981, the tree was hastily re-decorated in time for their return.

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