03 February 2011

Senate Panel Finds Fort Hood Shooting Could Have Been Prevented

via Gina Duenas

Satirical image of MAJ Hasan aka ماليك نادال هازان
See this link for the whole thing: Horrible. Senate Panel Finds Fort Hood Shooting Could Have Been Prevented – Refutes Obama | The Gateway Pundit
During the investigation senators threatened to take the Obama White House to court over their refusal to release information on the November 2009 Fort Hood shootings. Now we know why…
The report also refuted claims made by the Obama Administration.
NPR reported:
Appearing alongside Lieberman, ranking committee member Susan Collins (R-Maine), said the investigation dispels the Obama administration’s early argument that legal restrictions had prevented the FBI from thoroughly investigating Hasan before the shootings. She also said no such restrictions barred agencies from sharing information about Hasan.
I really cannot comment much and will stay out of the reasons why.  Nothing prevents me from passing on the media accounts of a hearing.

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