27 February 2011

A slip of the shoe leads to dental lawsuit against strip club

A slip of the shoe leads to lawsuit against strip club | Hattiesburg American | hattiesburgamerican.com:
"According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Marion Superior Court, 34-year-old Jake Quagliaroli was sitting about 20 feet from the stage at PT’s Showclub in Lawrence earlier this month when a dancer’s shoe flew off in the middle of her performance.

The shoe allegedly hit Quagliaroli in the face, chipping his front teeth.

He had to get veneers and temporary caps as a result of his injuries. The veneers will have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, and he might need a root canal in the future, his attorney said.

He’s claiming battery and negligence and is asking a jury to determine appropriate damages.

Ali Saeed, who’s representing Quagliaroli, said the dancer, and by extension the nightclub, are responsible for the circumstances that led to his client’s injuries." 
The dancer remains unnamed and at large.  Not to be confused with this story.

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