16 February 2011

Sudden Jihad Syndrome?: Missing Egyptian “Devout Muslim” Drove Into San Diego Nightclub Crowd, Injured 36

Another story I wanted to get to, but my Facebook friend Debbie Schlussel did a great job. Not mentioned: Osama Hassan's name was withheld from readers by the press and/or police for a few days after this 'accident.'

Osama Hassan Daly (اوزاما هاسان دالي) via DebbieSchlussel.Com
Sudden Jihad Syndrome?: Missing Egyptian “Devout Muslim” Drove Into San Diego Nightclub Crowd, Injured 36
Jihad (الجهاد) Barbie
As we’re told in every single case in which a Muslim attacks Americans, the usual narrative is already in place here, with Osama “Sam” Hassan Daly, a devout Egyptian Muslim cab driver, who drove into a crowd of Americans at the San Diego nightclub where he’s been a frequent patron. Daly is now missing, and he may have fled back to Egypt, after being released from a hospital by police. Daly injured 36 people in his attack.

And, as in the case of Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad, another Muslim, we’re being told that Daly was “upset” that his house was in foreclosure. Yeah, it’s not jihad. It’s foreclosure. That’s the ticket. Why is it that all the “foreclosed” who try to kill multiple Americans are Muslim? Could it be that this is about Islam and not foreclosure? Isn’t there a reason we don’t see millions of other foreclosed upon Americans going on violent rampages . . . just mostly the Muslim ones? 
Dominique Gambale
One of the patrons into whom Daly deliberately drove is Dominique Gambale, a mother of two and beautiful tennis player, whose leg nearly had to be amputated after Daly drove into her and pinned it. Hmmm . . . I wonder what Daly’s immigration status was. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t here legally. So does this sound to you like the actions of someone who is “mentally ill” or someone imitating other Muslims who’ve deliberately driven into people in the name of jihad against the West? I vote the latter:
The rest.

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