09 February 2011

The Super Bowl ad Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) does not want you to see (video)

Rep. Jackson-Lee D-TX
I missed the Pepsi Max Love Hurts ad during the Super Bowl and was reminded about it by Rush Limbaugh.
The headline might be too sweeping. Maybe Rep. Jackson-Lee just does not want Black people to see it? Maybe she does not want White people to see it?  Maybe she does not want Black people seeing it with Whites? Maybe she does not want Whites and Blacks together on the same commercial? Enough of that, here are her complaints via The Hill:
 1. It was demeaning.
 2. It is African-American History month and African-American women should not be assaulting African-American men.
 3. The African-American woman missed and hit a Caucasian woman.
 4. It showed that Black women can get away with throwing things at people.
 5. We should be talking about nutrition.

Run, go look at the link and see if I missed anything.  What she did not say, at least The Hill did not quote her saying, was that it was bad for Black men to check out White women, much less any other women, while they are out with their girl.  She must have missed the Black couple fleeing in panic after knocking the blonde jogger unconscious, because she thought the ad portrayed the Black woman getting away with throwing things.

And now, the 'controversial' commercial:

At least we have risen above the 2006 "racism" squabbling over a Mexican-American woman whispering to Harold Ford, Jr: "Herold, call me."

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