14 February 2011

The War Against Valentine's Day

Our friends across the Date Line report: Vigilantes burn ‘obscene’ Valentine’s Day cards - Indian Express:
"Self-proclaimed activists from the Atrocity and Corruption Solution Institution went about burning Valentine’s Day cards in Amraiwadi and Hatkeshwar on Sunday, even as youngsters celebrated the day of love in the city.

The city-based group said Valentine’s Day leads to obscenity and is a threat to Indian values. It was a mission to protect Indian culture and values by burning “obscene cards” and opposing “wrong clothes gifted on V-Day”, said Harishchandra R Sharma, national president of the group.

“Loving is not wrong, but the way the youngsters are doing it today is wrong. Even Lord Ram and Krishna have loved, and we all love our families. But the youngsters are misusing love to do wrong things,” he said.

Sharma added: “Since the last couple of years, Valentine’s Day celebrations have become increasingly obscene with vulgar cards being exchanged. It is resulting in a negative impact on the new generation. Cards with obscene photographs of scantily clad women and other vulgar photographs are exchanged among young boys and girls. This is against Indian culture. We held the dharna and burnt cards to send across the message to the youth that we need to glorify our Indian culture by doing away with the cards.”"
The report was dated February 15, 2011 - happens to be Mohammed's birthday.

Other news outlets reported looting of stores selling Valentine's cards and burning the cards.

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