20 March 2011

Bradass1987 Code Pink/ANSWER Bus Trip Trash

Update: Video that I shot beginning just after 12:00 shows this trash was between and on top of the newspaper boxes three-minutes fifty-seconds into the video.
The Code Pink and ANSWER gangs just can't seem to go anywhere without leaving trash for others to clean up.  This was the scene after they boarded their buses for their little field trip to Triangle, VA to protest the detention of Private (second award) Bradley Manning (aka, bradass1987) on 20 MAR 2011 in front of Union Station in Washington, DC:
Not very catchy.  Maybe why it was left behind?  Taken on 2011/03/20 12:52:08
Taken on 2011/03/20 12:52:17
Taken on 2011/03/20 12:52:29
Taken on 2011/03/20 12:52:46
The water and hot dog were hardly touched and left atop the newspaper box the signs were jammed next to.  Taken on 2011/03/20 12:53:04
I found a more suitable home for the Code Pink http://BradleyManning.Org trash.  Taken 2011/03/20 12:53:33
The trash can I used is on the right side of the image.  Code Pink left the signs in the row of newspaper boxes, left center.  Taken on 2011/03/20 12:54:06
Taken on 2011/03/20 12:33:22, see signs jammed between newspaper boxes.  Click for better resolution and zoom.
Hard to tell if they were between the boxes in this one.  Taken on 2011/03/20 12:20:58.  Zoom and look between the man with black hat, black jacket, backpack and the woman in blue fleece and white turtleneck.
See the video clips on my YouTube page and try to spot the trashy slob who left the small mess:

Update: After arriving in Triangle, VA, outside the gates of Quantico Marine Base, where the group annoyed locals who have little or nothing to do with the pending Manning Courts Martial, they managed 35 arranged arrests.

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