13 March 2011

Cigarette Bums at a New Low

I don't buy cigarettes because I only smoke one at a time.
The two guys at Bailey's (Crystal City) bore a strange similarity to Bob and Cedric from the Seinfeld series.
Update: I finally looked up the minor characters from Seinfeld that the cigarette bum tag-team reminded me of.  I suppose the real-life boys are a little more used to people who cower like Seinfeld characters or they would have moved on much earlier.
Just when I thought cigarette bums in my neighborhood had reached a new low, and not a low in frequency of bumming, they got worse in their bumming tactics.

This was not even on the street.  It was in Bailey's on Crystal Drive, which is not the cheapest place around to have a beer.  A total stranger, who was oddly wearing a beige driving cap whilst sitting indoors, asked me for a cigarette for his 'friend' sitting next to him.  I informed them that they sell cigarettes in the bar.  Now, it is one thing if you are already acquainted and share.  It is also a sign of respect not to bring in, give away or sell a product that the establishment you are patronizing sells.  If you are going to be a bum you should at least have the common respect for your fellow man when they do not want to surrender their property to you.

The fellow who actually smoked, the bigger of the pair, made some quips like "it is not like we are inn New York where they are $20 a pack" and I responded that they were around the same price in the bar as they are in the newsstand in the underground, seven bucks or so.  He made some other comment that he just wanted one.  So, the fellow in need of a cigarette went down the bar and bummed from someone else, while his cap adorned little 'friend' remained in his seat next to me and watched a soccer game while attempting to initiate idle chitchat with me.

When the loving couple decided to leave, the cap wearing fellow bought me a beer and I thanked him, then he had to launch into full assitude and call me a "dick" for not giving his friend a cigarette, plus his buying me a beer was some sort of revenge/justice for my being a "dick".

I blame the fiscal liberalization of society second, and them first.  If you are going to be a bum, be grateful for what you get and be nice when people politely turn you down.

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