03 March 2011

I blew an hour in front of the White House and did not even see an imam - Video

Jihad (الجهاد) Barbie
That quirky little British imam and Muslim Brotherhood apologist, Anjem Choudary (انجَم تشاودري) was supposed to have a rally today and nobody but the opposition came.

At first, I thought something odd was afoot.  When I began my journey from Crystal City, Arlington, VA, the streets were surprisingly vacant for a workday at 1100.  It was as if everybody decided it was a bad day to be inside the DC Beltway besides me.  The METRO seemed to have normal ridership, but my defense saturated neighborhood was oddly unsaturated.

This is looking more like a joke every time I see it.
Earlier in the morning I was listening to WMAL, for the last time until Fred Grandy is reinstated, and the announcement that the odd little uncredentialed and unreliable limey called off his gathering.  However, the Christian Doctor Terry Jones, who called off his Koran burning event last year at the begging of US federal officials, did show up with a contingent of a few dozen sympathetic individuals who have an (understandable) issue with the adoption of Sharia law in the USA.

I got to the event a little on the late side.  The plan I heard was for the counter-protest to gather at the Lincoln Memorial at 1100 and go to Lafayette Park, across from the White House, to peacefully confront the Sharia/Intifada/Jihad crowd.  When the Islamists canceled, there was no word on a change in plans for the freedom crowd announced.  Anyway, I took the METRO to the Smithsonian station and hiked past the Washington Monument to see there was no crowd at the Lincoln Memorial, so I made a right and hiked a few blocks to Lafayette Park.

Distracted for a bit by angry Mexicans with a bullhorn demanding that Obama stop giving guns away in Mexico.  A colorful and loud fellow appeared to be the counter protest, screaming about drugs from Mexico.  He had a happy yellow shirt and black shorts with yellow happy faces.

I finally found the group I was looking for when I spotted a cluster of two large USA flags flanking an Israeli flag.  Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy was speaking shortly after I arrived, however I missed who the female speaker was who proceeded him.  They were peaceful and polite.  Somehow, Gaffney's bullhorn set to make English sound pleasant compared to the Spanish coming from the bullhorn of the Mexican anti-gun crowd.

Unfortunately, my platform of choice is not processing video today so I have to upload it all as one file to YouTube (arond 50 min./1.33Gig) and edit it there.  The finished product is here and below:

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