05 March 2011

Insider Scoop on the Fred & Mrs. Fred Grandy Departure from WMAL-AM 630, Washington, DC

Followup to this:

I just spoke with someone close to the show, The Grandy Group, on DC Beltway WMAL radio.  Full disclosure - The person actually recognized me from calling in to the show a few times and actually knows me in person, but I had no idea she worked at WMAL until today.

According to my source, Fred was unhappy with the situation at WMAL for a while.  Some of his wants for the show did not fly with management, so he resigned.  There was no pressure from Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR and the station had enough criticism when Michael Graham left and they pay no attention to Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR about anything.

I emailed Fred Grandy at the email address (fredgrandy@verizon.net) provided by one of the sites talking about the situation:
Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 9:41 PM
Just saw this:

Is this true?  I was just enjoying your show this morning, forward
lots of your info and Mrs. Fred's info to others.  A rule on my blog
(idea from Mrs. Fred) is the notation: Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR.

I hope this is just a bad rumor.  If you wish me to post anything for
you on my main blog http://SukiProject.Blogspot.Com

(ouch, I must have been in a hurry)
At this point, the only word from a trusted, knowledgeable source is someone at the station who backs up the resignation posted on the WMAL website.

An observation that supports the station version are the fact that they have not changed the name of the show.  Even without Fred and Mrs. Fred, it is still The Grandy Group.  The station did not "disappear" Fred Grandy either, his bio is still on the website.  I do not know if The Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR crows over "victories" like this.  They certainly crow over anything else that could be imagined as a victory for them and this is not one of them.

Oh, and there is this bit from FOX news:
Though he was not able to discuss his departure in detail for legal reasons, Fred Grandy also confirmed to FoxNews.com "it was my decision." 
Until more information comes to light, I consider this case closed until WMAL courts Fred back on the air.  I will be attending the festivities at the station on 10 MAR 2011.

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