02 March 2011

Truck Driver's Protest Proposed Gas Tax Increase and Barney Fife

A stroke of genius by Danny Thomas when he created The Andy Griffith Show. Decades later, truck drivers in Maryland are protesting unconscionable government overreach by driving about town -
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Truck Driver's Protest Proposed Gas Tax Increase:
"ANNAPOLIS, Md. - About 40 trucks have rolled by the Maryland State House to protest a proposed gas tax increase.

The Maryland Motor Truck Association and the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association held a rally in Annapolis on Tuesday.

Mel Fair, of the Beltway Companies in Baltimore, says the proposed 10-cent increase to Maryland's 23.5-cent gas tax would hurt the state because truck drivers would avoid buying gas in Maryland.

Fair also says a proposed increase in the state's vehicle titling tax could drive trucking companies from Maryland."
ABC video, see the 0:40 mark:

Just how does this tie-into the genius of Danny Thomas?  View this clip of Barney's Sidecar, Season 4, Episode 16 of The Andy Griffith Show (trucker's revenge portion at 4:55):

When the show aired on January 27, 1964 there was an issue about speed traps in the Southern USA.  Actually, there were issues with them almost everywhere, but the South is the favorite whipping boy of English language journalists.  The fictional Deputy Fife was pulling over truck drivers on the highway near Mayberry, North Carolina and accusing the drivers of speeding without any speed detection method whatsoever in a blatant abuse of police power.

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