05 March 2011

Weekly Address: Obama Berates Last Congress for Not Passing a Budget

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In a surprise move, President B. Hussein Obama (باراك هوسَين اوباما) slammed the 111th Congress for intentionally not passing a 2011 budget. Furthermore Obama the realist, in a fit of factual accuracy, berated the United States Senate for rejecting the bloated, pork filled budget the House of Representatives sent them just a few weeks ago.

Just kidding! Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is the current fantasy world of Obama -
Weekly Address: Both Parties Must Come Together on a Budget that Cuts Wasteful Spending Without Sacrificing Investments in the Future | The White House:
"Over the last few weeks, Members of Congress have been debating their own proposals. And I was pleased that Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together a few days ago and passed a plan to cut spending and keep the government running for two more weeks. Still, we can’t do business two weeks at a time. It’s not responsible, and it threatens the progress our economy has been making. We’ve got to keep that momentum going."
What momentum is that?  25% unemployment? (h/t Dora Boyd)

See the man say it from the White House feed:

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