09 August 2011

I will gladly cut the budget Tuesday for a debt ceiling increase today.

I will gladly cut the budget Tuesday for a debt ceiling increase today.  Sounds a lot like "I promise I won't do it again," too.  The perfect summation of what the Congress just did to us again.  If you want them to stop, quit being the battered lover and kick the bad ones out.  How about starting with this one?  A serious recall campaign of Eric Cantor, combined with a challenge by a fiscal conservative would do wonders to the attitude of the House leadership.  Maybe Boehner will straiten up and do a Heath Schuler impersonation for the rest of this Congress.  For those late to the tea party, take a peek at the date on that blog post.  This is not a new idea.

We cannot stop there.  Here is a handy guide for who to call and write to daily as we endure the fiscal violation of out purses and retirement accounts.  These are the Senators up for reelection in 2012.  In general, pick out the Democrats and get some support behind one of their challengers.  Any challenger who is more fiscally conservative than them will do.

There you go.  Get to work before they cut our heads off!

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