01 November 2011

New FBI tapes reveal Russian spy behavior - CBS News

New FBI tapes reveal Russian spy behavior - CBS News:
(CBS News) They were the spies next door: Ten Russians, arrested last year in a flashback to the Cold War.
As it turns out, the FBI was on to them for a decade, as they lived seemingly normal lives in the U.S. On Monday, the Bureau put out a trove of surveillance tapes.

CBS News correspondent Bob Orr watched the tapes, and reports there are interesting tidbits therein, especially about the infamous "sexy spy" Anna Chapman.

In June, 2010, Anna Chapman visited a New York coffee shop to get help with a computer from her Russian handler. But, she didn't know that handler was an undercover FBI agent and the meeting was being secretly recorded.

"The FBI undercover agent was so convincing that Anna Chapman actually handed over her covert laptop to the FBI undercover agent," said Frank Figliuzzi, the FBI's top counter-intelligence agent.

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