29 November 2011

Union Workers Making Body Armor Caught On Camera Smoking Weed via Tammy Bruce

Union Workers Making Body Armor Caught On Camera Smoking Weed via Tammy Bruce:
The defense contractor apparently refused to watch the footage of these slobs, but now “After the station’s report, officials from the plant said in a statement that 17 of its employees have been “suspended pending discharge.”
That’s right, suspended, not fired. I have a feeling the MyFox Detroit will keep on eye on what happens to those bums.

If the bong fits . . .
As a matter of public policy the government really needs to get out of the weed patrol business, but here we might have an instance where the government should be involved.  If government is the customer, they have every right to demand conditions from a supplier, just as an employer has every right to dictate what people on their property have running through their bodies.  Hopefully Tower Defense's customers will vote with their dollars and find a new supplier.

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