24 January 2012

Bravo Obama Justice Department!

I don't get to praise the Obama administration very often and this is one of those unoften times.
Former CIA officer charged in leaks case
By Greg Miller, Published: January 23

The Justice Department on Monday charged a former CIA officer with repeatedly leaking classified information, including the identities of agency operatives involved in the capture and interrogation of alleged terrorists.

The case against John Kiriakou, who also served as a senior Senate aide, extends the Obama administration’s crackdown on disclosures of national security secrets. Kiriakou, 47, is the sixth target of a leaks-related prosecution since President Obama took office, exceeding the total number of comparable prosecutions under all previous administrations combined, legal experts said.
Accused Turncoat John Kiriakou
Kiriakou, who was among the first to go public with details about the CIA’s use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation measures, was charged with disclosing classified information to reporters and lying to the agency about the origin of other sensitive material he published in a book. He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. 
While working in the Washington, DC beltway it quickly became painfully apparent that the culture there is one of big mouths and delusions of grandeur.  I was one of the few people there who was satisfied with my work, both in contribution to the defense of the United States and with what I was being paid.

Kiriakou strikes me as a different sort.  He does not appear to have been content with inflating his resume or telling grand stories in the neighborhood bar.  No, he had to go running around blabbing to reporters about his work and pass conjecture off as fact.  Now, if he had been an independent researcher who uncovered all of this stuff, then went about on a self marketing spree to make a buck later, that would be fine.  The problem is that he was in the employ of others with perfectly legal, perfectly fine nondisclosure agreements in place.  I am sure the Cosmotarians and Liberaltarians out there may feel the nondisclosure agreement an affront to our liberty, but no true libertarian should.  It is the agreement he entered, knowing full well the consequences.
Here is one of his performances for the television news circus:

Some libertarians may take the position that if a private citizen cannot jail a former employee for disclosing confidential information, then the government should not be able to either.  We do have a process to make that the law of the land, but I doubt a future Ron Paul bill proposing such a scenario will gain much traction.

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