05 January 2012

First Fatwa Post Of 2012!

As a public service and the powers vested in me as a free woman, I bring you the first fatwa post of the year.  Yes, Islam, I am talking back to you!

The latest stupid fatwa:
In the advisory opinion of the legitimacy of an unprecedented, wife of a sheikh living in Europe for women to eat a banana or option so as not to evoke a woman sexually.

Sheikh said that if a woman wanted to eat the banana must be sliced ​​by the forbidden women to avoid adherence to the original size.

The fatwa of Shaykh as bananas, cucumbers Ichbehn the penis of a man, and the campus also carrots, zucchini, and considered that these vegetables leads women to unleash the imagination, which eat bananas, you want to have sex with a man, saying that the woman in this condition may goes on in Tejeladtha and feel great.

After that, or Sheikh worshipers and ended the prayer sent him a present question of what do if his wife or his daughters love the fruit and vegetables such as this, individual-Sheikh, saying that they must take himself and hidden for Onzarhn, and travel in one corner of the kitchen without you see one of them into small pieces, and then provided to them. 
When last asked sarcastically how Muslims will be able to control his wives in the market, adding that he will grasp the bananas they could enjoy the pleasure and eaten whatever they wanted, Re-Sheikh, saying this is not the Hgleta .. Da between them and their Lord.

Sheikh did not mention this to the feeling that may haunt the man when he sees a woman eats a banana in front of him, what are the impressions that may come to mind if they look at the cucumber signed between the teeth of the other.

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