30 March 2012

The Backlash That Took 11 Years

Brian Doherty alerts us to another maybe/possibly hate crime.
Anti-Iraqi Hate Crime in California? The Murder of Shaima Alawadi - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine:
In another violent death with potential political implications, Nina Burleigh wonders in Time why more Americans aren't outraged at the beating death of Iraqi Muslim immigrant Shaima Alawadi in El Cajon, near San Diego
In keeping with the Liberaltarian narrative, any thought that the crime scene could have been staged is handled by Doherty like this:

The eagle eye of anti-Muslim writer Debbie Schlussel is sure that the note is a phony and that this was an intra-Muslim "honor killing." Why is she so sure of this? She just is. Anyway, Alawadi's dad is a Shia cleric. And for some reason she sees something portentous and mysterious in one of Alawadi's sons comments toThe New York Times:
An odd statement eerily hints that Shaima Alawadi’s own 15-year-old son, Mohammed, knows this isn’t a hate crime:
“There’s only three people that know what happened,” he said. “God, my mom and the guy who did it."
Schussel also finds it all too convenient that her husband and family just happened not to be home when the murder occurred.
Actually, Debbie said a lot more than that and she makes some good points.

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