07 April 2012

Politically Correct Rules at National Review

John Derbyshire: PC Prisoner
I caught this article by the great John Derbyshire around mid-day and I knew there would be trouble:
The Talk: Nonblack Version

Rich Lowry: Executioner
In the article, The Derb goes through several pointers that parents should give their children for staying out of trouble.  Unfortunately, the pointers have a racial component that does not meet the current politically correct script of which all general-consumption writers must adhere, apparently including National Review writers.

This evening, Rich Lowry posted the announcement of the firing of The Derb: Parting Ways

Jonah Goldberg: Judge and Jury
It is sad seeing a not-quite-libertarian publication such as the National Review go this route.  The content of the article was described by both Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry said the article was "indefensible" without offering any sort of factual critique.  Just like with the Global Climate Change crowd, the 'science' is settled with the Politically Correct crowd, no matter how much factual evidence the writer may jam into an article.

I was expecting another shoe to fall. One revealing that some community leader(s) advised their children in the same manner and all Derb did was stick his name at the top.  It appears that the Left shoe has fallen instead.

Shame on you National Review, especially on two of my favorite writer/editors.

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