04 June 2010

About the cars in my books

The cars in my books are inspired by cars I have seen in real life, have met the owners of the people restoring them too. The futurized gadgets are mostly my imagination, but some are from discussions with others.
The 1972 Charger that John stores at his mother's house in Maynardville, TN is similar to one that is owned by a person there. I delayed putting it in until Suki IV just because there were other cars I liked better.  Helped Suki with that one when she used it in her fan fiction story Suki: Settling the Score.
The 1968 Charger, that John's father Josef restored and gave him in his will, is my reimagined version of one a guy is restoring to be like tthe car chasing Steve McQueen in Bullet.
The 1961 Polara limo was inspired by a guy in Arlington, VA who restored one and I turned it into a limo with all the gadgets.  I never liked that body, but thought it would be cool for the future.  There are lots of cars from my youth that I never thought would be popular and that is one of them.
I put Suki in a Jeep because the character is active and athletic. A sporty and fashionable woman. When I was deciding on what she should drive I saw a great looking Asian gal in a white, doors off, topless Jeep drive by a few times.  One time in shorts, t-shirt and cowboy hat, another time in a sharp business suit. Perfect.
The 1970 'Cuda that John built for his son, Tag, is one of my favorites ever. I knew a guy with a 1971 that was modified to look like a '70 and thought it was pretty cool, so that was the base and I don't think I really described much of it in Suki II. In Suki IV, I adjusted off of that for the car the couple drives around Eglin, AFB, Florida.
In the new series I created an exotic import car collection for Suki because I have her in a different point in her life. Those stories are a lot different from the original series and Suki starts off as a jaded, spoiled (by all but her mother) brat who gets by on charm and looks.  John is still a MOPAR guy and makes a great living at it.  It's a fun writing exercise and my readers prefer this series to the original.
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03 June 2010