16 June 2009

My books are NOT Autobiographical

Sorry to break it to any of the literalistic folk out there, but look elsewhere for literal. I do not write literal/autobiographical books. I write fiction that nobody seems to reed read.

Sex scenes are fantasies that I like as fantasy, but not interested in a lot of it in reality.

Girl on girl? Love it, when I don't know the women and especially when neither of them is someone I am involved with.

Fast romances? They belong in books. In real, the last several exclusive relationships I have been in were never stated, we just started doing that.

Bondage? I like it but you will not know what I like in real from reading my books. You need to interact with me in real and pay attention.

The characters? The ones with the most lines are probably not my favorites. They have the most lines because they are easy to write lines for. They may also be the main characters, who have qualities that make them interesting, but not exactly interesting to me.

If anybody thinks Suki is my "ideal" then they have not really gotten to know me. That character is made that way to be interesting to many people. I am not "many people." I like certain things, that I do not put into main characters. Suki commits a complete deal-breaker to me in Suki I, but John is okay with it. Know why? They are made up characters in a made up story.

I would never get near a person like Suki*, if she were real, but I am sure many other people would. That is the idea. If I write the perfect woman for me, not many people would be interested in her besides me and a few others.

Of course there are similar things to me, or things I wish were me. John reacts to a lot of things the same way that I do or the way I would like to, but the character is doing those things in the context of the scene I have written and a lot of those are situations that I would never be in.

In Suki II: Sunshine Returns, John is just like me when Suki has to reveal her past. Actually, I wrote him doing a better job than me, but that is a lot easier in a novel than in real life. Suki finally has to reveal bad things from her past to John and she thinks he might not accept her past. He makes it easier for her. He reminds her again that if it is in the past it really does not matter what it was, as long as she has changed and wants to be the new person that she is. Well, something like that. I have not actually written that part yet, but that is the general way it will go.

Suki's fear is rooted in her past too. She not really afraid of failing, she is afraid of not getting her way. Although she has grown out of this and her therapist identified it early and helps her with it, the problem resurfaces. I suppose I could research this and use some technical terms for it, but to me it just reminds me of the childish behavior in adults that annoys me. To me, that is an appealing quality that I gave the character, but not enough to overcome the other things that she does.

*I am in my late 40s, not interested in anybody younger than me. Hypnotizing me without my approval is a total deal breaker.

Finally banned from a bar

Yes, the zads of people who read this but never comment, I have finally been banned from a bar. It is not even a bar in either book, from what I remember.

Champps, Pentagon Row has banned me.

Yes, I am finally getting to write about one of my own screw ups, rather than the screw ups of others!

A server in that Champps screams all of the time and he screams bizarre shit, "EXPECTATIONS" is his frequent saying, and please do not ask for context.

I had been complaining to the bar staff about him ever since our first encounter, when he shouted "EXPECTATIONS" right behind my head as he was passing me, the only customer on that rail of the bar.

Complained to the bartenders, who sometimes, got him to quiet down. Other times he got louder.

I never spoke to a manager about the man, perhaps I should have.

Last night he was screaming some shit right behind my head on his way to the wait station and I asked the bartender if he could "get that guy to stop screaming". He was sympathetic, because he can't stand the shouting either, nobody can, so nothing happened there.

The server was SCREAMING some other shit at the wait stand and the bartender, understandably, was screaming back at him to stop it. I got sick of hearing him, 10 bar stools away and walked over behind him and shouted "STOP YOUR DAMN SCREAMING".

All in earshot thanked me. No applause, just "thanks for doing that".

I was a bit uncomfortable as that is not my style, so I asked for my $40+ bill, closed out.

The night manager gave me the general manager's card, whom I am familiar with, and asked me to call him because the server was already making a corporate case about the issue. I called his cell and left a message about what happened, then finished my beer and went home.

Today I arrived for lunch and the GM greeted me, as is his way, and needed to talk about the incident.

Bottom line, I was out of line for correcting his employee, the employee felt threatened and I am no longer welcome there. I did not argue about it, I just stated the facts and told him the names of the bartenders whom I had complained to in the past.

The GM had already gotten a call from his boss about the incident, from the employee complaint. Much of the GM's point was that we talk all of the time about all sorts of things, including badly behaving employees, and I had not said anything before about that one.

Fair enough, I did not rat out everything to the GM anyway. Plenty of other things had happened that got taken care of in the floor, but this didn't and I got fed up and did something I should not have done.

We parted, with my going to Sine' for lunch, that will probably be my Friday happy hour place from now on too.

I have no hard feelings a bit. The GM was doing his job with the info before him and was asking me for something to relieve the issue so he did not have to kick me out. What I had, just the facts, was not good enough. His bar, my hard luck.

He has my email and said he would contact me if I can return.

My planning process has my return at the heat-death of the universe, unless I get an email.

14 June 2009

Out of one corner and into another

I was finally able to wrap up the Suki and Sunshine scene with a way into the next encounter.

Trying to work a way around her being away from work for a week without alarming her mother, best friend, John and building security.

I have written myself into a corner on Suki II


Trying not to write in a dragging manner, I have John on his way across the South on business.

Moved his son from Central Asia to Israel/Palestine.

Sunshine has Suki trapped in the condo and is beginning to interrogate her to finalize her extortion plans.

Jung is wondering why Suki is late to work, but not alarmed yet.

All in 18 paperback-formatted pages.