04 July 2009

Thank G_d there is wind tonight!

Blogging as I watch the DC fireworks from the steps of the Pentagon, Corridor Seven.
Last year the air was so still the smoke obscured everything in short order. Very nice viewing tonight.

Suki III is coming along, about 20 pages right now, 380 to go and hope to be done with the first draft by go-to-work time on Tuesday.

The secretary of Suki's therapist happens to be an ex-girlfriend of John's, who is working herself into a jealous rage about John being engaged to Suki, right after John's delayed birthday party.

29 June 2009

Continuity error in Suki I

How John came to become a car builder.

In one scene John is in a bar, speaking to another guy named John, and the narration makes mention of his having won the Megamillions lottery just after being laid off. That passage did not emphasize that it was a very modest amount and he still cashed out his retirement accounts to begin his business. It has been fixed in the latest revision.

Later, John points the his old condo building out to Suki and describes the important elements that lead to opening his own car shop.

28 June 2009

John Speaks Arabic in Suki II: Sunshine Returns

Following behind an update from Suki, one of the benefits of having such a long and diverse Army career is having met so many soldiers from around the world and teaching each other profanity in our first languages.

Most all that I have retained is in Arabic, perhaps a downside of being my current age ;)

In Suki II: Sunshine Returns (free PDF at the link), I have John speak a bit to Suki shortly after she knows she has her memory back. They are in the back seat of John's latest car build:

They both take it very slow, not wanting to relive the last painful event. It seems like hours, and their slow pace allows the event to last nearly a full hour before John can't hold back and sends Suki into a gentle fit, nothing too intense in any of the four “just right” orgasms she had. She turns and cleans him with her luscious mouth, John responds “Ta'aly Mussy Zobry.”

“Oh John, was that broken Arabic or Farsi?”

“Arabic, according to the guys in college and our off-again-on-again allies, the Lebanese guys said it more like tallahassee-tee-see.”

“Well, I think I am already doing it,” she gives him a sweet smile, and then takes care of getting both of them presentable again, jeans up, his shirt tucked in. They pause again and smile, then laugh and hug over Suki making it through without the intensity she had before.

While attending college my Kuwaiti, Yemeni, Sudanese and Egyptian friends would kid me about learning Arabic from Lebanese folks.