13 June 2009

I totally heart Tammy Bruce, but . . .

The Tammy is off the rails tonight.

Maybe not so bad. It is a rerun of her live reaction to the Holocaust Museum shooting.

She is making the whole thing Leftwing and I can understand a bit that she is in a rerun and we have more info now.

This nut is not from any "wing" other than the Jew hating wing. He is neither Left nor Right. He is a Socialist, more like a Nazi type Socialist. He is not radical Islam, but it seems he is of the same mind as some of those people.

I hardly get to listen to The Tammy, but when I do I usually enjoy her. Tonight is not one of those nights.

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More on Suki II

The issue that confronts Suki and John is: Neither if them want a marriage certificate, but they want a committed relationship, which they have.

Sunshine discovers this and forces Suki to marry her, then forces Suki to have an affair on camera with Suki's best friend and new lover of Sunshine.

When John finally gets back from his week long trip, Sunshine drugs and otherwise coerces him into impregnating her, Suki and Trish.

John is forced to provide massive child support to Trish and Sunshine, although they sell their "strong natural gened children" and Sunshine sells Suki's baby too.

Suki is forced, by the courts, to pay Sunshine spousal support.

12 June 2009

Suki II info

The direction I am going, for now, is Sunshine returns, a nemesis from Suki's past, to put the couple into government approved financial bondage.

Suki and John do not want to be married by the government, but they do want to be exclusive.  Sunshine takes advantage of that, and a few other things, to make both Suki and John her financial slaves through the help of the domestic court system.

John's wages are shared to Sunshine's conspirator.

Some info on developing Suki

'Suki', feel free to chime in whenever you return.

The development of the character was quirky for me, maybe not for the way 'real' writers develop a character.

The story was going to be a lot different than the way it came out. A lot darker, with the evil mother and daughter compromising a man of means for their financial gain, through trickery and sex.

Well, things changed as I researched romance novels and started remembering what my peers like.

I am not into younger women, but my guy friends are, so she got younger. I had to go through some hoops to get John to be interested in a younger woman too, because that is not me. John is not me either, but pretty close.

Just got done with a younger woman flash-in-the-pan situation and I am amazed that I was able to write this with Suki and John developing a relationship. The relationship in the book sure is not the pace that I like, but the book was long enough already, so that got sped up.

I like women with dark hair and eyes, my guy friends who like that seem to lean toward Eastern Asians as being the most attractive of that category. I am not that particular on the superficialities.
The prettiest woman I almost went out with was Iranian, with long straight black hair. She was Zoroastrian and I was friends with one of her good friends, also Iranian. I was in my early 30s and she in her early 20s, was still put off by the age difference and we never got past my friend telling her about me and getting most everything wrong, like telling her I was studying Engineering instead of Finance.
Trying to think of the best looking woman I ever actually dated. I guess it was around the same time as the previous example. Shoulder length dark brown hair, blue eyes, finishing her Masters in Accounting, 26 years old. We dated for a few months until we got close to graduating and broke up. We both moved to the DC area, but never got back together. None of her appearance is in the book but parts of her personality form Suki's two best friends. She was overly vocal anti-lesbian, which got to be a pain, so Samantha is that way but starts coming out of it as Patricia starts coming out of being such a knee-jerk Leftist. Another trait the brown haired accountant possessed.

Geek guys dream for a hot girl into robotics or something technical, so that was added. I also figured that twenty-something years from now advanced degrees would be more common, so Suki and her best friends all have Masters degrees, Suki has a PhD, as does 25% of her peers from high school, but hers is a little more unique that most people have.

I like the taller women, over 6' is good for me and I prefer them in heels. Most guys don't like women as tall as I like them, so Suki is 5'6" but wears 4"-6" heels. Her mother is only about 5' 1" and is the woman in the book who, if real, I would be most attracted to. There is a scene in the book where Suki's mother, Jung, needs to help guide John away from her and get interested in Suki.
The closest to Suki's physical appearance I ever dated was someone else from college, when I was in ROTC. She was in ROTC also, Taiwanese and two years older than me. I did not think of the resemblance until after Suki was "built". Jung is similar in appearance to a woman I know from the building I work in.
John's best friend, Jackie, has some of the qualities of a woman I used to work with but not a lot.

I needed her to be good at something cool and sporting, so I made her an archer. Then I had to research archery, as I had not done anything competitive there, but I did have a good bow as a child and was a decent shot.

She got an incredible sense of smell just to make one scene work. Comes in handy in the second book too.

I really did not think about her having a woman-on-woman history until I began writing the story and thought she needed a history, even though John is just interested in her present, not her history. Seemed like a good idea through the research that it needed have traumatic element. So she had a traumatic experience with a woman, that she is mostly past. I did get that past from people I know, but made the whole scene up myself and ran it by my friend who helped me with the female characters. She liked it so I kept it. The woman on woman angle was also to make the book kinkier and that is the style of erotica that I prefer.

Suki II begins with a reliving of the trauma.

The closest person to Suki in real life is the lovely lady, and good friend of mine, who posts here as Suki. The sex scenes are based on our online play over the years, but we never dated and she has a great boyfriend now. The scenes are BASED on our chat, not a quote of our chat. I changed a lot of things.

Funny thing, a bar I go to has a rumour that ALL of the characters are based on people who go there. That is completely false. Also, in the book, the bar it could be could also be another bar up the street, where one of the characters actually works and I visit much less often than the other one. A waitress in the story was changed at the request of a bartender friend so she could be in the story.

All sort o' stuff

Amy Alkon has an awsomest view of the Israel in defense of Palestinian wackjobs here:

The Israelis don't want to kill all the Arabs. It's the other way around. And the Israelis live in peace with many people who are not Jews -- any people who aren't looking to murder them for Allah, or whatever.

Meanwhile, on the subject of actual ethnic cleansing, in Darfur, the Revvie is strangely silent. I guess that's because Muslims are killing Muslims. (So inconvenient not to be able to blame the Jews!)

"Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt" should be the Israel motto, as I read on Reason.com/blog

Choice comments from Amy's readers:

Racists like Reverend Wright give blacks going to his church a bad name.

I wish African Americans like Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele and J.C. Watts got more publicity. These guts are good role models for African Americans versus Race pimps like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farakan.

Posted by: David M. at June 12, 2009 9:08 AM

The whole "Blame the Jews!" is so overrated but the damn thing seems to still have some traction. There's times when I wonder if the whole anti-Semitism thing is just another form of penis-envy. After all, if we look at the Jewish Faith as a whole, the impact of the human existence is far more larger than many other faiths (Including Islam).

On the other side, Blacks "Leaders" used racism statements against Jews before. Al Sharpton did it with abandon in the past. When you have little power, is there a better way to get yourself heard than turning into a racist rabble-rouser?

Posted by: Toubrouk at June 12, 2009 10:05 AM

Ack!  I can't unquote in the Google!

This one is good by her too: 

What's Wrong With Handing Out Bibles?

More from Reason: Mandatory Composting in San Francisco. Also, Mandatory Birkenstock Purchasing.

The lovely Cathy Young from Reason:  New at Reason: Cathy Young on the 60th Anniversary of Orwell's 1984

Even more Reason: The Brown Scare of '09 with the money quote:  

So the Department of Homeland Security, a bloated and dysfunctional agency that shouldn't exist in the first place, should spend its time tracking the possibility that a criminal kook with no co-conspirators will decide to shoot a doctor or a security guard? From preventing another 9/11 to preventing unorganized shootings: Talk about mission creep. Yes, these murders are terrorism, but they're the sort of terrorism that can be contained by the average small-town police force. If you try to blow them up into a grand pattern that threatens ordinary Americans, you're no different from the C-level conservative pundits who treat every politically motivated crime by a Muslim as evidence of a broad Islamic threat to ordinary Americans' well-being. (The reliably inane Debbie Schlussel even blames Islam for the Holocaust Museum shooting, despite the fact that the killer is a neo-Nazi, on the grounds that "it is because of Muslims--who are the biggest contributor to the worldwide rise in anti-Semitism to Holocaust-eve levels--that neo-Nazis feel comfortable--far more comfortable!--manifesting their views about Jews.")

More on that:  That "Isolated Incident" at the Holocaust Museum

As you have probably now heard, an 89-year-old anti-Semite with a Prussian junker name (James W. von Brunn) shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust museum this afternoon. Little surprise that he is a 9-11 truther, an Obama "birther," and a neo-Nazi psychopath.

That is all for now.  I had other stuff but I am out and about and did not properly note it to myself.

09 June 2009

Suki II started

I have started writing Suki II: Sunshine Returns.

Really, never, ever, am I telling any woman I am going to be out with about the details of this one.  I don't want to end up being drugged, beaten and forced to surrender my "seed" for genetically natural children, whom I will never meet nor to have me and her be forced to bear genetically unmodified children with "strong genes" to be sold by her ex-lover.  Three women in a row who had too much info on Suki I seemed to think it was a dating guide for me and not FREAKING FICTION.

It begins pretty rough, but not brutal.  Graphic, but not obscene to any Crucible players.  First feedback is that it certainly does not drag.

God, Christ, Jesus, that Palestinian Issue

Listening to the Mike O'Meraha (sp?) show on WJFK.

They just had some guy on with a book, I think, about SOME Muslims hating the US for various reasons.  And other objections with Muslims in general.

Well, I did not hear the discussion, but I am listening to the end of the discussion and I am not sure if Mike, Buzz, Rob and the callers are responding to a single thing the man said or if they are spouting off a load of PC bullshit.

This hits close to home.

While I was on a Friday night date a few weeks ago some sort of Gaza (or something related to the Palestinians) thing came up while I was talking to the best friend of my date.  My response was to the effect of something mentioned by Suki in an earlier post: 'If those people would stop spending their allowance on murdering Jews, maybe Israel would stop blowing up their infrastructure.'

The response was "don't bring that up tonight".  Turns out, the woman I was out with was dating a Palestinian guy, who has not called her in a long time, she fled the US with him, was exonerated of something-or-other that I never got the details on, but her boyfriend cannot return to the US, legally, until sometime next year.  I found out those sketchy details the next day.  Sounded pretty shady.  Did not connect the dots between her and my statement the night before until later.

Well, excuse the shit out of me.  I am anti-Hamas (Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamat al-Islāmiyyah), anti-Hezbollah, anti IRA, and anti-terrorist, in general.  I sure as hell am not anti-Muslim, anti-Irish (maybe a little of that one), anti-Arab nor anti-Palestinian.

My attitude is that Israel will be cool with their neighbors as long as their neighbors don't mess with them.  Seems to be proven in reality.  Someone on Hit & Run used to say their policy was like ours; "Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt."  I agree.

I never bothered finding out if the girl I was out with has that terrorist embracing attitude like her friend, but I ran the phrase past the lady I was out with a couple of days ago.  She did not have a big reaction, but did say she was pro-Palestinian.  No problem there, I am pro Israel, but on the pro-peace side of things and she did not take long to understand where I was coming from.  She is bright, I think the delay may have been due to my phrasing.

07 June 2009

Hezbollah win in Lebanon polls won't spur major violence?

IDF: Hezbollah win in Lebanon polls won't spur major violence
By Amos Harel

Hezbollah has chalked up some significant achievements in yesterday's general parliamentary elections in Lebanon, but a sweeping victory by the Hezbollah-led March 8 Alliance seems unlikely, according to Israeli security sources. They added that they believed that Hezbollah's success would not lead to a new conflagration along Israel's northern border