New Suki Series, With A Twist

The first book in the new alternate-future take from the original Suki Series is: Suki With A Twist: Part One (An Alternate Future). 140 pages in paperback, 5" x 8" x .35"  $6.69 from CreateSpace or Amazon.

Suki With A Twist: Part One also available on Amazon's Kindle - $4.69.  You can now read Kindle books on your PC, iPhone, iPod and Blackberry.  Also available for Apple Mac.

Also available from Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million
Back cover text:
Imagine a future where paid companionship is legal.
Imagine a future where recreational drug use is legal.
Imagine a future where people negotiate their own pay rates for any way they wish to sell their talents and services.

Imagine a future where bill collectors are feared more than the government.

Now imagine the characters from the first Suki Adult Romance Series living in that world. Not quite a Libertarian Utopia, not quite a dystopia either.
Welcome to Suki's new world. Is it real, or is it just a dream?

The biggest departure from the main series is how paid companionship is tolerated in Virginia.  A minor departure is how both John and Suki casually use recreational drugs.  I had to do some thinking to make it possible for people to be coerced into working for others against their real desires.  The government came to the rescue on that one, but it is not obvious in the first book.

Also, in this alternate future/history, almost any act people do is recorded and passed around to their friends, creating a virtually 'naked' society.
Paperback ISBN is 1451551827 and EAN-13 is 9781451551822

The first chapter of part two, Suki With A Twist: Suki's Street, is available as a free preview on Scribd.Com.  No target date set for publication.