07 December 2011

How could I forget 40 years of Don Imus?

Don Imus Celebrates 40 Years of Radio
Imus on his 40th radio anniversary unloads on CNBC December 2nd 2011

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05 December 2011

Barack Obama | New Slogan | Teddy Roosevelt | The Daily Caller

Transforming from Mussolini to Roosevelt?
Barack Obama | New Slogan | Teddy Roosevelt | The Daily Caller:
The new slogan sidelines older themes, including “we can’t wait” and “pass this bill,” but it allows Obama to portray himself on the campaign trail as the progressive solution to the current economic paralysis.

The speech is to be delivered in Osawatomie, Kansas, because “just over one hundred years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt came to Osawatomie, Kansas and called for a New Nationalism, where everyone gets a fair chance, a square deal, and an equal opportunity to succeed,” said a Sunday White House press statement.
Well that fits in just fine with Obama's National Socialist leanings.  It also recalls recent comments I made about Teddy Roosevelt on the other book blog in a post about Ted Kennedy:
In Senator Kennedy's zeal to misdirect his audience from Marx and to try to make candidate Reagan look foolish, he directed everybody to . . . Theodore Roosevelt.  Trust Buster and Progressive "Bull Moose" Party founder Teddy Roosevelt.  Yes, he was a Republican for a little while, but they were just not progressive enough for him.  He was at war with anybody who was too successful, just like his cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt was when he began his National Socialist reign.
Of the many problems with Leftists, especially the ones with extensive academic 'experience', is that they are too stupid to realize what simpletons they are and they assume anybody who disagrees with them is really a big simpleton.  For some reason, they feel like invoking TR is going to sell with Conservatives just because TR was a Republican for a little while.

They do this all the time with Reagan, when they are not calling for his corpse to be exhumed so he can be burned in effigy, when they mention Reagan's "tax increases".  The "Reagan tax increases" were tax increases from the Congress, that Reagan agreed not to oppose, that were supposed to be accompanied by spending decreases than never happened.

The Left also pillories Reagan for 'his' tax cuts.  Granted, many conservatives get this one wrong too, but these too were the work of the Congress.  Granted, they were the work of a congress that was lobbied hard by Reagan and a vast majority of the American people urged on by Reagan, but they were still passed by two houses of Congress and signed by the executive.

The American Left, especially modern Democrats, are like those art students in college who bumbled into a Finance class and proceeded to try to tell everybody how right Fidel and Marx were.